Vanessa Williams Talks ‘666 Park Avenue’ At Comic Con 2012

FanBolt had the pleasure of sitting down with the stunning Vanessa Williams to discuss her newest project 666 Park Avenue. 666 Park Avenue starts out a bit like a horror film, and then focuses in on an innocent couple – who truly are clueless as to what they’re getting into at 999 Park Avenue. There’s something not so innocent up with the owners of the apartment building (played brilliantly by Terry O’Quinn and Vanessa Williams). Between the owners and the tenants who all seem to have stories of their own, fans will have a dozen theories to wet their supernatural appetites for the rest of the season after they see the pilot this fall.

From details on Vanessa’s character to where she thinks the series is headed – Williams spills on 666 Park Avenue!

Are you excited for 666 Park Avenue this fall? Sound off on your excitement for the series below in our comment section!


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