Elijah Wood Talks ‘Wilfred’ Season 2 And ‘The Hobbit’ At Comic Con 2012

FanBolt had the pleasure of chatting with Elijah Wood about the 2nd season of FX’s Wilfred. We even got a few details about The Hobbit out of him at the end of the interview!

So how does Elijah eventually want to see Wilfred end?

“He’s not dead. It’s not a dream. It’s not Lost,” Elijah confirms. “I don’t want to jinx it. My dream ending is that Ryan may not need Wilfred anymore. He gets to a place where he can kind of handle it on his own.”

From more on the perfect Wilfred conclusion for Elijah to his appearance in The Hobbit – Check out our full interview with Wilfred‘s Elijah Wood below!

We just want to say that we hope Wilfred is around for many more years to come! However, with such a unique show – it’s hard not to wonder how they’ll eventually wrap up this crazy storyline. How has Ryan been able to see something so completely different in Wilfred? Share your thoughts and theories with us below!


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