‘Merlin’ Creator & EP Johnny Capps Reveals Season 5 Details

FanBolt had the honor of chatting with Merlin creator and executive producer Johnny Capps while at Comic Con 2012! He revealed to us that since the series will be moving more towards the Arthurian legend, the stories are naturally becoming a bit darker.

Capps also revealed that Liam Cunningham will be coming in for the first two episodes and will “bring a real gravitas to the first two episodes.”

Check out our full interview with Merlin‘s Johnny Capps below!

What do you want to see in Season 5 of BBC’s Merlin? Sound off in our comment section below, and be sure to keep checking back for more of our interviews with the cast of Merlin!

Video/Article By: Jennifer Steele


  1. I would want to expect some more different in season 5 compared to seasons 3 and 4 where the season finale was quite simaler; Morgana taking over Camelot and Arthur and Merlin drove out the castle then taking back the kingdom . I would like to see something more different, as in a magic reveal or merlin’s death where all hope is lost but (of course) they still have a happy ending ( As in Merlin comes back to life or Arthur could start to trust Merlin )

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