‘Girl Meets World’ Stars Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter Talk Hopes for the Series at ATX Festival 2015

It’s easy to see that Girl Meets World stars Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter are definitely best friends in real life. There’s no facade here, no fake smiles or struggling to find nice things to say to one another. The two are real-life, genuine besties, which undoubtedly contributes to their watchability onscreen as they figure out life together each week.

FanBolt had the chance to sit down with the girls over the weekend at ATX Festival, and the pair were not only genuinely sweet to everyone, but were also way more mature and composed than any 13 and 16-year-olds I’ve ever met (including myself at that age). You never know quite what you’ll get when going into interviews with child actors because they’re, well, kids, but these two somehow maintained the perfect balance of being kids but also being absolute professionals (kudos to their parents and the people who surround them on a daily basis…in the words of the great Kevin Durant, “You the real MVP!”).

As fans of Boy Meets World, one of the great things about the series was that I got the chance to grow up with the characters, watching them from middle school through college, so we asked the girls whether or not they’d like to see Girl Meets World take that same route, following them though their college years and possibly beyond, as well as their hopes for the series in general.

“We would love to go as long as we can. As long as what’s natural for the characters. Right now, in season 2, we’re kind of evolving everything and there’s a new level of maturity for all of us, for the writing and for all the kids and even the adults. So I think if we can continue that for as long as we can, we’d love to…So the answer is yes!” laughed Rowan.

Sabrina added,”We’re not going to try to be Boy Meets World because people would just be annoyed. People would hate us! If I was dressed as Shawn and she was dressed as Cory they’d be like ‘get off the screen you prepubescent teenagers.’ So I think, honestly, we’re going to do what we’re going to do. We’re here for our audience and we’re here to help these kids grow and let them live a positive life. We’re a comedy, we’re supposed to make them happy, but we’re also supposed to let them know that it’s ok to be going through things and you’re not the only one that’s going through those things.”

Rowan also noted that she feels the show stands out and is successful because it talks directly to kids as opposed to talking down down at them. “I feel like many kids shows are afraid to talk to kids and they talk down to kids. They kind of treat kids like “Oh, because you’re a kid I’m going to over-explain this.” We feel like it’s our job to talk with these kids and talk with these adults and invite them rather than instruct them.”

See, we told you they were mature!

Boy Meets World was the defining show of my childhood, the one I look back on and remember most fondly, so when I heard that Disney had picked up the new series, I’ll admit I was a bit worried about it being too cookie cutter. After watching the show and speaking with Rowan and Sabrina, however, I’d say the next generation of Meets World-ers is in extremely capable hands.

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Photo Credit: ATX Festival