Colin Morgan Reveals ‘Merlin’ Season 5 Details At Comic Con 2012

FanBolt had the honor of sitting down with Colin Morgan to chat about the upcoming 5th season of Merlin! Morgan revealed to us that this season will be the most impressive so far, and that he feels the most important scene of the series is coming up in the new episodes.

So what can we expect with Morgan’s character, Merlin, in the new season?

“He’s not as careless. He’s definitely more guarded,” Morgan stated. “He’s more calculated.”

Check out our full interview with Merlin‘s Colin Morgan below!

What do you want to see in Season 5 of BBC’s Merlin? Sound off in our comment section below, and be sure to keep checking back for more of our interviews with the cast of Merlin!

Video/Article By: Jennifer Steele


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