Superbeat: XONiC Adds Rhythm to the PlayStation Vita This Fall

The PlayStation Vita will be grooving along to the music this fall as Superbeat: XONiC makes its way to the system. PM Studios, the creative team behind DJ Max Fever, is bringing the beats in this new rhythm-based game that is coming to North America in both physical and digital formats.

Superbeat: XONiC features 45 songs and 200 unique play patterns that makes use of the Vita’s touch controls, allowing users to fully enjoy the fast-paced gameplay on the system. Fans of DJ Max and other rhythm games should definitely keep their eyes out for this title come fall.

PM Studios’ Michael Yum mentioned to us that he’s very excited to be able to make something for the console market again. “There hasn’t been a new music game for a long time and I think this year will be great for all music game fans out there and I’m just really happy to try and contribute as well.”

Check out the colorful screenshots below and make sure to visit the official website to hear two tracks from the upcoming title.





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