‘Girl Meets World’ Star Rowan Blanchard and Creator Michael Jacobs Talk Riley and Lucas

A new episode of Girl Meets World airs tonight, so in honor of the occasion, we thought we’d share more of our interview with the cast and creator with you.

During our interview with creator Michael Jacobs and stars Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter and Ben Savage, we had the chance to cover a number of topics, from Angela and Shawn’s reunion, to Maya and Riley’s futures and a few other interesting topics, like what’s the deal with Riley and Lucas, who receive non-stop comparisons to Cory and Topanga.

Michael Jacobs told us that he has thought out Riley and Lucas’ relationship and where it will lead in the future, but when we asked him for a hint of what that future would look like, he simply said, “They are not Cory and Topanga.”

Rowan then chimed in and expounded on Jacobs’ thought. “At the end of the day, there are only one Cory and Topanga. Just like there’s only one Shawn, just like there’s only one Minkus, there’s only one of all of these characters,” she explained. “I think it was organic for Cory and Topanga to end up together and have this perfect, perfect relationship but I don’t think, I don’t see-and I don’t want to speak too soon- Riley and Lucas being that perfect relationship. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I do know that at the end of the day, there is only one Cory and Topanga and there’s only one Riley and Lucas. So if their relationship is different than Cory and Topanga’s it doesn’t devalue it, it’s just a different kind of relationship.”

Another interesting way to look at Riley and Lucas’ relationship is through the scope of this new world that we live in. It’s definitely not the same place that Cory and Topanga grew up in, and the new series is a great way to explore how young people are able to grow up and forge any sort of relationships in an age where technology reigns supreme. This seems to be a driving force in Jacobs’ narrative and will be interesting to watch throughout the series. “I read about this everyday [on Twitter],” Jacobs revealed. “[Fans] took votes! Who does Lucas belong with? Does Lucas belong with Riley or does Lucas belong with Maya? What the overriding concern that I have, the writers have, is ‘what’s real?’. ‘What would happen today and why?’. If the series is called Girl Meets World, what’s the difference between this world and the last? What would that do to relationships? Are Cory and Topanga possible?” A VERY interesting question that Riley and Lucas will answer for us in time.

So what do you think the future holds for Riley and Lucas? Regardless of how it ends, we think watching these two grow up will be a fun process and we’ll be sticking around as long as possible for the ride.

Catch a new episode of Girl Meets World tonight at 8:30 PM – 9:00 PM ET/PT, on Disney Channel.

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  1. I don’t why they are saying Reliy and Lucas are Cory and Topanga???? Because if I remember Boy meets World Cory and Topanga where friends since elementary and Lucas came in Girls meets World in middle school so No it not the same. I think Reliy and Lucas should stay together or Lucas should not stay with either maya or Reliy, Because I think it will look really bad in Maya she know has a crush in Lucas, if that happens them she ain’t as good as best friend then she says she is, if all this time she had a crush in lucas.

    1. +Aledia:I feel like they will stay together Maya and Lucas just need to realize they are like siblings first.

  2. I definitely think Riley and Lucas should stay together. It’s a very sweet relationship- and no it’s not Corey and Depenga. But they are Riley and Lucas and that’s just as special. I don’t think Maya and Lucas should be together- it just seems wrong. Not something a best Freind should do. And the whole brother sister turn just makes no sense. I hated even watching the last episodes it just didn’t sit well with me.

    1. +Alex:Maya clearly can not seen that Her and Lucas are like brother and sister while Riley&Lucas are like boyfriend&girlfriend someone needs to straighten Maya out

  3. Part 3 Texas explains it all. Riley and Lucas are boyfriend and maya and Lucas are brother and sister because maya makes fun of Lucas like every brother and sister do.

    1. Agree !!! Especially, Frakle and Zay part of the show explains it perfectly. Zay explains how it’s not brother and sister realationship that lucus and Reily has but instead what they have in common. Frakle just add the cherry on top and show how maya and lucus are the one with the sibling relationship.

      1. They really did how did no one else but us notice that plus just because Riley and Lucas are not Cory and topanga it does not mean that they can not have a long lasting romantic relationship of their own that is similar to Cory and Topanga’s

      2. +Kristal:Which clearly means Rucas are better off as a couple romantically together and Lucaya are better off staying friends that bicker like siblings.Zay is clearly a Rucas romantic shipper and a Lucaya sibling shipper.

    2. +Ashleigh:it really does how has no one else noticed that Zay is clearly a Rucas romantic shipper while being a Lucaya sibling shipper. Someone needs to help straighten Maya out for her to realize that.

  4. Riley and Lucas are good for each other. I would like the two of them to end up together. Maya is just infatuated with the thought of Lucas since hes the only other person beside Riley and Farkle, who sees the good in her. But if she really is Rileys beet friend, like she says she is, she wouldn’t peruse a relationship with Lucas. Riley and Lucas are very much alike. They will do anything for their friends, even if means sacrificing their own happieness. In the end, everyone else will realize how Riley and Lucas are both better people and better when they are together. Yes, they are not Corey and Topanga, they are Riley and Lucas. I’m hoping the writers of the show will see this, and hopefully bring Riley and Lucas together, the way their suppose to be. Maya needs to remain just friends with Lucas in order to keep her friendship with Lucas, Farkle, and her best friend Riley. Hopefully this journey after Texas, will help them resolve their confused feelings and emotion, and bring Riley and Lucas back on track, and together again.

    1. +Clary:something clearly has to be wrong with Maya seriously if she can not even see that she is hurting Riley already.

  5. NOOOOO! I think Lucas and maya should end up together they have this chemistry that Riley and Lucas don’t have. I think Riley should end up with another character and LUCAYA should be the next Cory and topanga

    1. +Misha:Lucaya have brother&sister chemistry not boyfriend&girlfriend because the boyfriend&girlfriend chemistry is Rucas listen to what zay says about Riley&Lucas vs Maya and Lucas in Texas part 3 he pretty much confirms Rucas are not like siblings and are like boyfriend&girlfriend while Lucaya are like siblings.plus Riley is calming influence on Lucas.

    2. Not even! If you look at the evolution of their (Riley and Lucas) relationship what may have started as a crush grew into something stronger. Maya and Lucas couldn’t even tak to each other on their date. I feel cheated seeing what the writers are doing to Lucas and Riley after Ski Lodge, it’s like they don’t interact at all since then. Any other pairing doesn’t make sense to me but with all the Farkle hints we see where they are headed. I know they don’t want to do the same version of Boy Meets World but a lot of us who followed the series for the whole time it was on like the idea that first love can be your true love and while they aren’t Cory and Topanga it would have been nice to see them navigate their relationship in today’s world of technology and social media and see if they could make it. Now it appears three years of build up was for nothing but a lesson? Not impressed whatsoever.

  6. I hope its riley and Lucas because they are so cute and they really like each other as more than friends. If there supposed to be like bro and sis then why did lucas object to it and why do they constantly flirt in the cute way. I think Maya may be confusing her feelings for lucas as romantic when I feel it’s more sibling.

    1. +Ashley B:if you listen to what Zay says in Texas part 3 when he is talking to Farkle about Riley and Lucas vs Maya and Lucas he pretty much confirms that Riley and Lucas are not like brother and sister and that Maya and Lucas are like brother and sister.

  7. I totally think that lucas a riley are meant to be together, they have this sparkle and chemistry that just cant be replaced by maya and lucas. the thought of maya and lucas together just doesnt make sense and it doesnt seem right. The idea that maya would take away lucas from riley would also leave a bad taste in my mouth and probably ruin the whole show for me. I totally agree that riley and lucas are NOT cory and topanga , they are them. But that doesnt mean they cant have the happy ending that they both deserve and that we all crave so badly. So i just truly hope the creator can understand this and not act under the pressure of people wanting lucaya to be a thing and have lucas and riley end up together as that is the right thing.

    1. +Tasneem:if you noticed in Texas part 3 Zay pretty much confirms Riley and Lucas are better off as boyfriend&girlfriend and Lucas and Maya are the brother&sister relationship pair now we just need to wait for Lucaya to realize that they are the brother&sister pair not Rucas.

  8. In my opinion Licas and Maya do not have “chemistry” at all. Today’s society seems to have soaked their minds into thinking that bantering relationships are the best but are they really? Put aside the bantering… They have nothing to talk about and their expressions say it all. They naturally reject eachother without realizing it. While Lucas and Riley is just such a beautiful relationship they build eachother up and defend eachother. They listen to eachother and enjoy talking to eachother because they are deeply connected. They aren’t Corey Nor Topanga. They have their own relationship, their own love. Maya and Lucas just does not feel right to me. I’d be highly upset if they ended up together because they aren’t good together in my opinion.

    1. Plus just because Riley and Lucas are not Cory and topanga does not
      Mean they can not have a long lasting relationship of their own just like Cory&Topanga’s

    2. +Carol:or at least if Lucaya do have chemistry it is more like brother&sister chemistry and Maya is too blind to see that her and Lucas are like the siblings not Riley and Lucas.

    3. +Carol:or at least if Lucaya do have chemistry it is more like brother&sister chemistry and Maya is too blind to see that

    4. +Carol:Plus I do not think Lucaya will even be endgame at the writers will eventually have Lucaya realize that they are like brother&sister instead of Rucas. Because Rucas will prevail.

  9. Defientely Riley and Lucas! Plus Maya and Lucas both promised in their own ways that they would not hurt Riley so they really should keep that promise to her before she stops being friends with both of them. Plus Maya and Lucas should let go of each other they have had 1 or 2 years to tell each other how they felt but did not because Lucas acted on his feelings for Riley so he stick with Riley because this is getting ridiculous someone needs to straighten out Maya and Lucas so Riley&Lucas can get back together because Riley should not have to take the back seat for Maya anymore.yes Riley and Lucas are not Cory and topanga but they deserve to stay together. Maya should move on from Lucas.

  10. I highly suggest the writers and creators of gmw have someone wake Maya up to reality and have her realize that Lucaya are like siblings while Rucas are like boyfriend&girlfriend because Maya is not in reality!

  11. I feel like it will end with Riley&Lucas together forever even if it is just in the boyfriend&girlfriend zone it would still be a sweet ending for Riley&Lucas

  12. Not a fan of where this story is going, I feel like Pluto just doesn’t exist anymore…..its like Shawn and Angela all over again. I know its a different world than Cory and Topanga’s but its sad to see Riley and Lucas built up over almost three seasons to be torn down. I feel like the writers are invalidating anything they ever felt for each other, making it not “real” even though they say that is what they are striving for. I know that they have said that there is only one Cory and Topanga but apparently there are two Angela and Shawns…………very disappointing.