‘Girl Meets World’ Sneak Peek Gives First Look at Shawn and Angela’s Reunion


We finally have our first look at Shawn and Angela’s long-awaited Girl Meets World reunion and it leaves one of the pair at a loss for words.

In the clip below, thanks toYahoo, we see Shawn and Maya’s mom/Shawn’s new possible love interest Katy (Cheryl Texiera) talking past relationships and letting things go, when Tazmanian-Cory runs into the restaurant to warn Shawn of an arrival that could take Shawn’s life from “Things are going pretty good right now.” to “Aahhh!” in an instant…and we know who walks in the door soon after.

Although the reunion looks like its off to a sweet start, we aren’t expecting all sunshine and roses from these two. Like creator Michael Jacobs mentioned at this year’s ATX Fesitval, “Shawn found Angela from a purse that contained items that he loved and so he fell in love with this girl in high school. The relationship lasted into college. But it could not have been more clearly defined that Angela had a choice. That Shawn wanted to ask Angela to marry him, which would have been wrong…Are they happy? Remains to be seen. Is what becomes of them both satisfying? I believe so because it’s real.”

Blake Clark, whom Boy Meets World fans will remember as Shawn’s late father Chet Hunter, will also appear in the episode. Whenever his spirit showed up to talk to Shawn, it was always to help him make a decision or come to terms with an event. Looks like this time, it’ll be to help his son with matters of the heart.

Photo Credit: Disney

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