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Vincent Ward Talks Mid-Season ‘Walking Dead’ Finale

Vincent Ward Talks Mid-Season ‘Walking Dead’ Finale


Be ready, so you don’t have to get ready. Those are Vincent Ward’s words of wisdom, and according to what he had to say about tonight’s mid-season finale of The Walking Dead – pretty applicable to the episode as well! In fact, tonight’s episode is the one Vincent (who plays Oscar) is most excited for fans to see.

But is it possible to top episode 4 from this season, Killer Within?

“That’s been my favorite episode,” Vincent recalled. “But the mid-season finale might top that episode by maybe a point.”

So does that mean we’ll have a character death tonight? One thing is for sure, with Walking Dead – no one is safe.

Mums the word from Vincent Ward though when it comes to spoilers. He mentioned that even if he could tell me – he wouldn’t want to spoil it for the fans.

A lot of fans do have an idea of what’s coming up in the grand scheme of things courtesy of the graphic novels – which the show follows to some degree. I couldn’t help but wonder though – had Vincent taken a look the novels out of curiosity of the fate that awaited his character?

“I’d never been in a comic book place, and I went into one and started looking at the novels. I was like ‘wow.’ But I’ll be honest, I don’t do a lot of reading.” Vincent laughed. “So I looked and said ‘Okay, let’s put this back.’ So I’ve never read any of the comic books. And when I get one of the scripts, I just read my part. I focus on what I have to do.”

It’s clear that Vincent takes his work very seriously, he even admitted he really didn’t have a favorite Atlanta restaurant that he visited during filming – simply because he was all about work. And now since the season has wrapped filming, Vincent is all about staying busy with new projects as well as upcoming fan conventions – where fans can expect to see a lot more of him along with Lew Temple (who plays Axel).

“I think a lot of the fans like Oscar and Axel together.” Vincent commented. “For the conventions, I was going to go with the decision that Lew made. I trust him. We’ve definitely become friends off the set.”

The Walking Dead has a rabid and devoted fanbase. Once you’ve been on the series, the fans embrace you and will continue to support you throughout all your future projects, and Vincent is just starting to get a taste for that with these conventions.

“Since Walking Dead, I feel like my career is starting.” Vincent admitted even though he’s appeared in a number of projects to date including True Blood, The Starter Wife, and Everyone Hates Chris just to name a few.

You can also catch Vincent on stage in a number upcoming plays (LA area fans be sure to check these out!), for more information take a look at his Facebook page!

Filming on Season 3 may have wrapped in Georgia, but early in 2013 the rest of Season 3 will return to AMC. It promises fans one hell of a ride! We have it on good authority that episode 10 will be quite incredible from another individual involved with the series! So be ready, so you don’t have to get ready, Walking Dead fans! It’s going to get even more awesome!

Interview & Article By: Emma Loggins

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