I Need That Look! ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Episode 6.05: She’s No Angel

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This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars was intense and creepy, but the Liars kept it together, looking stylish as usual.

Along with the return of Mona, we also saw her fremeny Leslie make an appearance. She was NOT happy with Mona involving her in the plan to fake her death and had no issues telling her. What she didn’t divulge as openly was the fact that she spent a LOT of time in Radley as a child and probably knows Charles DiLaurentis and was Bethany Young’s roomie…and is the girls’ latest A suspect.

As the Hanna and Spencer continued their search for info on Charles, Aria and Emily were more preoccupied with their personal lives, Emily with Sara and Aria with her new photography friend Clark(although kudos to Aria for contributing and figuring out that A is a female. That’s basically all she’s contributed to the investigation over the course of 6 seasons).

Let’s take a look at some of the looks we loved last night:


Spencer paired an adorable slip dress with a jacket for a preppy look that was also probably pretty easy to run away in, need be. We loved the dress’ romantic vertical lace trimming down the middle front.


You can get Spencer’s Free People Parisian Slip dress here, with tons of colors to choose from, for $88.


Mona’s return wouldn’t have been right if it wasn’t dramatic and she nailed it. From the big black sunglasses to the sullen look, Mona nailed the “I’m-back-from-the-dead-and-I’m-sorry-I-am look.


Mona’s Flared Dress with Collar and Bow is available at Zara and is currently on sale for $59 (regular price $99).


Aria looked adorable in her flared pink top. The boho shirt fit’s most body types with the empire-waist and the bandeau neckline and tie at the back are fun details.


Even PLL’s head Costume Designer/Stylist Mandi Moore loved this look!

You can get Aria’s Free People Sleeveless Ruffled Top on sale at Macy’s for $32.99, but only until this Sunday July 5th.


Hanna was the queen of sass this week and we’re thinking it may have been because she was rocking some awesome jeans (because who doesn’t feel sassy in pants that fit you perfectly. Her black and white marbleized jeans made with soft tencel fabric, gives you the stylish look, while feeling amazing on your legs.


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Let us know which looks you loved from this week’s episodes in the comments below!

Photo Credit: ABC Family


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