‘The Birds’ Remake Reportedly Finds a Director

The remake of the Alfred Hitchcock classic The Birds has reportedly found a director that’s up for the task.

According to Variety, “Platinum Dunes, Mandalay Pictures and Universal have tapped Dutch filmmaker Diederik Van Rooijen to direct the remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.” If you check out Van Rooijen’s IMDB, you’ll see he has a long list of credits, but you probably haven’t heard of many, if any, because they’re all foreign projects.

The film is being produced by Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes production company along with Peter Guber’s Mandalay Pictures. “Bay will produce along with his Platinum Dunes producing partners Andrew Form and Brad Fuller with Guber and David Zelon also producing through Mandalay Pictures,” reports Variety.

The original Hitchcock film was released in 1963 and starred Tippi Hedren and Rod Taylor. It followed the story of a socialite who moves to a small California town, only for the town to be hit with an onslaught of mysterious and violent bird attacks. How close the remake will stay to the original is yet to be seen, but let’s hope they try and keep it pretty close.

What are your thoughts on the remake? Should it even be happening? Who would you like to see take on the lead roles? Talk to us about it in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures