Ferrera’s Emmys Wardrobe Malfunction

UGLY BETTY star AMERICA FERRERA almost flashed the entire audience at the Emmy Awards after a wardrobe malfunction left her feeling exposed.

The actress’ designer gown fell apart as she sat waiting to take the stage to present an award with her TV show co-star Vanessa Williams at last month’s
(Sep08) glitzy ceremony.

She explains, “I was sitting in my seat and they (planners) come out and get you when it’s your turn to go backstage.

“I was wearing this dress with a bustle underneath to make it fluffy. I stood up and it just slipped out from me, the whole skirt. I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m naked underneath.’ I ran backstage and asked an intern for a safety pin.”

But two fellow actresses came to the rescue: “I then ran into the women’s dressing room, and this woman said, ‘Can I help you?’ I looked up and it’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus. And then Catherine Keener came along and the intern came back with a safety pin.

“So I’m standing at a mirror and Catherine Keener and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are at my butt with a safety pin. I made it onstage and no one was the wiser.”



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  1. beesknees wrote: “and no one was the wiser.”
    And now everyone knows! LOL! Glad she had the foresight to get that safety pin before she went onstage.