Emily Kinney On Atlanta, Her Music, And ‘The Walking Dead’

We had the pleasure of chatting with Emily Kinney who plays Beth on The Walking Dead! Emily answered our questions along with some fan questions about the series, her music, and living in Atlanta. Check out the full interview below and be sure to see her live next weekend in Atlanta when she performs at Walker Stalker Con!

How would you describe your music for those that haven’t heard it?

Emily Kinney: Pop, folk, lyric based

Has working on The Walking Dead influenced your music at all?

Emily Kinney: As far as in my writing: I think in ways I don’t realize, like the people I’ve met, and certain issues that I’ll find myself writing about that could be related to what I’m going through on the show. But I’m not sitting down and saying “Today I’m going to write a song about Beth, or about The Walking Dead.”

The show has influenced ability to have my music reach a bigger audience which is awesome!

I see you’re playing at Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta the end of November – that’s a great venue! Have you had a chance to check out any of the other venues in Atlanta? Do you have a favorite?

Emily Kinney: I’ve seen shows at Eddies, Tabernacle, Smith’s Olde Bar, Terminal West, Phillips Arena, and a few shows at Southern Grounds. All of them are very different kinds of venues… but I’ve been seeing some great music! I’m a having a blast this season exploring more of Atlanta’s music scene!! This musician Marshall Ruffin has been a great Atlanta discovery!!

Have you had any unique fan moments yet with Walking Dead fans? Could you tell us about the most memorable?

Emily Kinney: My favorite thing is when people say that it’s their fav show or they make a night of it and have Walking Dead parties with their friends. It just makes me so happy, it’s not just any show on television. It’s people’s favorite show. It’s one they have parties for. That blows my mind and it is so incredibly satisfying and motivating as an actor and artist.

One guy had bought the mirror I broke in Season 2 and tried to kill myself. He brought it to Dragon Con and asked me to sign it.

Can you tell us a little bit about your experience at fan conventions before? Have you performed at one?

Emily Kinney: I haven’t been to that many, but I find them really fun. It’s cool to see how many different age ranges the show reaches, like it’s not just teenager or males. It’s lots of different kinds of people that love The Walking Dead. I love meeting them all! I also love checking out some of the comic book artists and other people from other shows that are at these things! I’m performing at the Walker Stalker Con Nov. 2nd. I can’t wait! It will be cool to see if there are a few Walking Dead fans who might also dig my music!!

Have you been able to venture up to Atlanta from set any? Any special events in the city that you’ve been able to check out that you’ve enjoyed?

Emily Kinney: Definitely! Went to a Braves game! And like I said have been checking out the music scene. Spent a day in a Sunflower field this summer. That was pretty cool. Love Barcelona and that Inman Park area. Also had a couple great dinners at The Optimist!

Any costume plans for Halloween?

Emily Kinney: No, the thing is when I go to work I put on a costume and am surrounding by zombies so I don’t feel as motivated as I’ve been maybe in the past to really get dressed up for Halloween. If I go as anything this year, it’s gonna be something sweet like tinker bell or like a lady bug, cause I see enough scary things every day at work!

In previous seasons of The Walking Dead – have you guys ever done anything special for Halloween to celebrate?

Emily Kinney: The crew always dresses up. Sometimes different departments have themes!! There’s always a lot of candy around on set around Halloween. I’m a sucker for mini Kit Kats.

Do you have a favorite episode of The Walking Dead?

Emily Kinney: I love the Sophia in the barn episode. I love Episode 1 of Season 3 too! But who knows maybe another fave is yet to come in Season 4!

I know you guys can’t talk much about the show – but is there anything at all your allowed to say about upcoming episodes?

Emily Kinney: Ummmm… Watch and wait and see…

Be sure to catch Emily Kinney in concert at Walker Stalker Con on November 2nd! You can also check out Emily’s music on her official website!