‘Supergirl’ Cast Talks Tone of the Show, the First Pick for the Role and More at Comic-Con 2015

Supergirl promises to keep it fairly light and fun at Comic-Con 2015.

Cast mates Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, Mehcad Brooks, David Harewood and Jeremy Jordan, as well as Executive Producers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, Ali Adler and Sarah Schecht all came out to talk to fans and reporters about what they can look forward to from one of the most hightly anticipated new series’ of the year.

Things We Learned About ‘Supergirl’ at Comic-Con 2015

  • “The time is long over due. There haven’t been enough female superheroes for people to watch.” – EP Sarah Schechter
  • Apparently Melissa had the role in the can since the very beginning. “Melissa Benoist was the first person that auditioned for Supergirl. We weren’t interested in doing the series without Melissa,” said EP Sarah Schechter.
  • According to EP Sarah Schechter, the series will be part drama, but don’t look for it to get overly dark and serious. “There’s a lot of darkness in the world, and we contribute to that with Arrow. The idea of being able to do something like Working Girl but in this universe was really appealing. We all need a little fun. “
  • “We are big fans. So any opportunity to collapse the universes – we’re excited.” – EP Sarah Schechter on bringing actors and actresses in from previous Superman and Supergirl roles.
  • “It’s a big budget show and we know we have to deliver. Using CGI allows us to expand the universe and tell a really big story.” – EP Sarah Schechter
  • David Harewood revealed the surprising fact that one episode of the show has been shot. “We’ve only shot the pilot. We start shooting on the 23rd. We haven’t seen the script yet.”
  • Chyler Leigh’s character was created for the show! It should be interesting seeing how her inclusion changes (or doesn’t change) certain storylines.
  • “We want to stay on the hopeful, light, sunny side of this.” – Melissa Benoist
  • “I’m a different person when I put on the outfit. You feel so confident,” said Melissa about wearing the iconic Supergirl suit.
  • Jeremy Jordan’s character Winn Schott “may or may not run a conspiracy theory website about aliens.” We like him already. He also added that fans should keep an eye on his desk in the pilot. It’ll teach you about tons about the guy.
  • “Over the course of the first season, I think we’re going to see how people around Kara change.” -Jeremy Jordon
  • Don’t let Mehcad Brooks’ looks fool you. He still geeks out over being on the series. “I’m still nerding out over being able to say “Up, up and away.” Mehcad Brooks
  • “It’s about her. We’re not stealing her thunder by saying ‘Superman.'”- Mehcad Brooks
  • “One series won’t make a difference, but it will inspire a new generation of women to open up and be themselves. That’s my favorite aspect of the series.” -Mehcad Brooks

Supergirl debuts Monday October 26th at 8:30 on CBS!

Photo Credit: FanBolt


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