Affleck Forced To Make Scary Quarry Jump Twice

CASEY AFFLECK had to make a 75-foot (22.8-metre) leap into a quarry twice for
brother BEN’s new film GONE BABY GONE – because an airport X-Ray machine
destroyed his first take.

The actor agreed to make the dangerous jump in a bid to make sure his
sibling’s directorial debut was as good as it could be, but he was devastated
when he realized he’d have to conquer his fear of heights a second time.

He explains, “I don’t know what got into me. I think I’m too easily
pressured. I care too much about Ben’s movie being good.

“I did it once and it was the fourth of July weekend and there was heightened
security at the airports so when they sent the film out to be processed in Los
Angeles, and we were shooting in Boston, it was X-rayed at the airport and that
ruined the film.

“They lost everything that we shot that day, so we had to go back up there
and do it again.”

In the end, brother Ben opted not to use the quarry jump scene in the
finished film.

Casey adds, “Ben promises it’ll be on the DVD. Oh good, thanks Ben! I would
never do it again.

“Every time I got out there and got my little toes on the edge of the stone
and peered down into that black water I just felt like there was death waiting
for me. So it was scary.”



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  1. Miranda23 wrote: I love my sister, don’t get me wrong, but I certainly wouldn’t go making huge jumps like that, not to mention TWICE! lol He must not be nearly as afraid of heights as I am :p