I Need That Look! ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Episode 6.06: No Stone Unturned


SPOILER ALERT! If you aren’t caught up on the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars click away now (then come back once you’re caught up)!

Last night the Liars found out that Charles is definitely alive and that they definitely have tracking devices implanted into their necks. Well, 3 of the liars, did…Emily was busy babysitting Shower Harvey, so the other girls caught her up when they got home.

Mr. DiLaurentis should start watching his back as well. Charles is planning on coming home in the next episode and pretty blatantly threatened his dad’s life. Will Ali be an orphan soon?

Here were some of our favorite pieces that the girls wore this week:


We’re really proud of Aria for stepping it up and getting involved with the main mystery this year. This week she was right there with Hanna and Spencer in the science lab, trying to find out more about Lesli Stone. We also noticed the cute black faux leather jacket she wore while sleuthing.


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Emily’s leather overall shorts were to die for last night! Number one, we’re just glad the girl wasn’t in plaid again, and number two, they were just plain adorable! From the lobster clasp straps to the perforated-style leather, we’re all about these romper-esque overalls.


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We basically want to raid Hanna’s closet every week. This week was no different. Her cropped, floral-print moto jacket brought a fun, flirty feel to her outfit and is a great statement piece.


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Spencer’s printed shirt-dress was our pick for her this week. Girl knows how to rock preppy like none-other and the marigold print silk shirt-dress from last night’s episode further proves it.


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Let us know which looks you loved from last night’s episode in the comments below!

Photo Credit: ABC Family


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