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‘iZombie’ Star Rahul Kohli Talks Dark Ravi, Blaine Joining the Gang and More!

‘iZombie’ Star Rahul Kohli Talks Dark Ravi, Blaine Joining the Gang and More!


iZombie star Rahul Kohli has no problem admitting he likes tapping into his dark side and hopes to see the same from his character Ravi during the show’s second season.

Ravi is like the little human flashlight in the midst of all the dark, angsty zombies in iZombie, but during a sit-down at Comic-Con last week, he revealed that he’d love to see his character get a little dark as well. “I love playing, and I always have up until Ravi, played dark characters. I play bad guys, like David basically, and I always relish it… and then I get to play a ball of sunshine, the happy, happy Ravi. So going into season 2, I’d love… some darkness, but I don’t know if that’s right. That’s just me bringing my own thing.”

As far as what he could offer about what’s ahead, the answer would be not much outside of a Star Wars reference. “I’ve stayed completely away from spoilers, he admitted. “What I do know is I get to reference Star Wars… and that’s as much as I’ve found out.”

A season two detail that did come out during SDCC, was that bad boy-zombie Blaine will have to team up with Liv and co to solve a bigger mystery, something that Rahul learned over the weekend as well, which he thinks will be “interesting.”

“Blaine’s one of those characters you love to hate,” he went on to say. “Even those few scenes when Blaine was in the morgue with Ravi, the tension-you always felt like at any moment this situation could just go real bad. I think that anymore time we can spend with Blaine in those situations where it’s not clear what the line is, it’ll be better for the audience and better for us and better for the show.

Find out what else Rahul told reporters about Ravi and the second season of iZombie in the comments below!

‘iZombie’ Star Rahul Kohli at Comic-Con 2015

iZombie returns to The CW Tuesday October 6th.

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