iZombie Star Rose McIver Talks Being Surprised by Scripts, Major and Peyton, and More!


iZombie star Rose McIver loves Liv as much as we do and was more than happy to talk to us about what’s ahead for the reluctant zombie in the show’s upcoming second season.

By the end of the first season, two of the closest people to Liv found out that she’d been turned into a zombie and reacted in pretty much the way you’d think a person would if they found out zombies were real. So what’s ahead now that Major and Peyton know her big secret?

“It feels a bit like Ross and Rachel doesn’t it?” said McIver, referring to Liv’s relationship to Major. “Now that he knows, obviously the landscape has changed completely. I’m not entirely sure where they’re planning on taking it yet, but I do think Liv, in season one, was able to explore a relationship with a zombie and that’s, sort of, shifted the ground a little bit. It wasn’t like Major is the one and only guy for her, but obviously she’s not over him too, so I’m curious as much as you are to see what they do with it.”

Liv’s poor bff Peyton found out that her friend joined the ranks of the walking dead in a pretty traumatic way, and we haven’t see her since. So will she return in the show’s second season or is she still running for the hills to this very day? “She’s definitely coming back,” stated the actress. “I don’t think we’ll see her immediately, but yeah, it’s pretty heartbreaking.

“The thing that Liv has feared the most is these people finding out and abandoning her and Peyton has done that. It’s also understandable, you know, self-preservation kicks in, but I think knowing that’s your best friend and you’ve gone through so much together and you’ve already had to end a relationship and various things have been huge costs for Liv. I think it’s pretty heartbreaking that her roommate and best friend, the person she’s always been able to go to is no longer there. So hopefully that’s something that Peyton can come around to or be able to make sense of.”

Along with her relationship struggles, Liv also struggled with taking on personality traits of the victims she consumes, which called for McIver to play some pretty interesting parts throughout the season and she told us that she’s surprised by the things she has to do “every time I read the script basically.”

“The one that actually threw me the most was the gaming. Just the amount of dialogue that I had to have, like talking about technicalities with, what is it called role player? Like, when you’re the guy that’s shooting [our writer Jenn helped her out, interjecting “First person”] First person! See, I didn’t know anything!… Kind of each episode is something like that. And that is the stuff that I do know about this season. They’ve started to tell me a couple of the brains that I need to prepare for…I’m getting my guitar back out and doing a few things like that so, there’s definitely always a bit of a twist, but it’s definitely the best part about this job for me… that variety.”

Watch our entire interview with Liv herself, Rose McIver, to see what else she told us about what’s to come, below:

‘iZombie’ Star Rose McIver at Comic-Con 2015

Photo/Video Credit: FanBolt/Emma Loggins

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