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‘Once Upon a Time’ Star Lana Parrilla Talks Regina the Savior

‘Once Upon a Time’ Star Lana Parrilla Talks Regina the Savior


Everything is topsy turvy in the upcoming fifth season of Once Upon a Time, which will see the introduction of a Dark One Emma Swan…and a Savior Regina???

According to the Evil Queen herself, Lana says that with Emma gone dark, the citizens of Storybrook will need a new savior to look to, and according to the actress, “Regina’s going to become the savior and the hero.”

So how will the former Queen of Darkness react to Emma’s transition? Surprisingly enough, with concern. “I think [she’s] nervous more than anything just because she’s concerned for Emma. I think she’s just really concerned. We don’t know what’s going to happen with Emma and Regina is very experienced when it comes to crossing over into the dark side…so I think that she fears that the darkness is going to take over and Emma never may return back to her true self.”

With Emma running around all selfish and free, and everyone trying to save her, it’s easy to to forget that there’s other drama in Regina’s life. You know, the whole evil sister isn’t really dead and is now pregnant with Regina’s true love’s child thing? Well don’t look for Regina to focus too much it at the moment. “Zelena is secondary right now,” stated Parilla. “The primary focus is Emma and trying to save her. Zelena is kind of like an after thought, even though she’s locked up and she’s in her cell, so Regina’s not too concerned…however that dynamic I find very interesting. I would love to see them have a heart to heart and really kind of talk about what it was like to be in Oz, who was their mother, you know, have that conversation. I don’t know if Zelena is redeemable.”

See what else Lana teased at Comic-Con 2015 about what’s to come for Regina in the full video below:

Once Upon a Time returns to ABC Sunday September 27th!

Photo Credit: FanBolt/Emma Loggins

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