‘Once Upon a Time’ Stars Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue Talk Dark Swan

When Once Upon a Time returns to ABC this fall, fans will get to see a completely different, uninhibited Emma Swan.

Series stars Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue talked to reporters at Comic-Con 2015 about what the two would face now that the Savior has become the Dark One.

The Captain Swan fans out there may be upset that their favorite ship has been ripped apart yet again, but will be happy to hear that Hook won’t be giving up on his dark love anytime soon. “Nothing is more important to Hook at this moment than Emma and her heart,” stated Colin.

While everyone is worried about saving Emma, Jennifer’s been having a grand old time playing bad. The actress had no issues divulging what fun she had while exploring this new side of her character. “Emotionally it’s interesting because there’s something really fun and free about Emma in the darkness,” said Morrison. “She’s just free of the gravity of what other people think, the gravity of worrying about saving people. There’s a lightness, in a sense, in her darkness because she doesn’t have to do the right thing and she doesn’t have to be the stronger, better person all the time. So there was a little bit of freedom in that that’s really fun.

“What I’m finding exhausting, in a good way, and rewarding…is the sort of struggle along the way, where she’s fighting against the darkness. Before she sort of surrenders to it, gives into it, the good part of her is fighting with this darkness that’s consuming her and it’s a constant struggle that is really angsty and intense.”

To find out what else Jennifer and Colin revealed about Emma’s struggle and Captain Swan, watch the full video below!

Once Upon a Time returns to ABC Sunday September 27th!

Photo Credit: FanBolt/ Emma Loggins