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‘Supernatural’ Star Jensen Ackles Talks Season 11 Favorites, the Bright Side of the Darkness and More

‘Supernatural’ Star Jensen Ackles Talks Season 11 Favorites, the Bright Side of the Darkness and More


If you love watching Supernatural star Jensen Ackles play the many sides of Dean Winchester, it’s probably because he loves his character just as much and it shows.

During the show’s annual Comic-Con appearance, Ackles took some time to speak with reporters about what fans can expect from the show’s upcoming 11th season , including how the Darkness will unite the Winchester brothers and what he loves about the long-running series.

The Darkness means big trouble for Sam and Dean (and the world), but Jensen is happy to see both bros on the same team battling something that isn’t inside of either of them.

“What I’m really looking forward to is the fact that it’s a common target that the boys can kind of unite on, and get some more allies to fight a big bad,” said Ackles. “Usually it is one of the brothers is afflicted with something bad, whether it’s demon blood or the Mark of Cain, something to that effect of we’re fighting to save each other. This is now we’re fighting to save humanity and I think that’s something that I can certainly get onboard with.” It will certainly be nice to see an unpossessed Sam and Dean get back to their save the world roots.

If you haven’t guessed by now, both Jared and Jensen still love their jobs, even with the show entering it’s 11th season, a fact that Jensen is particularly proud of.

“One of my most favorite things about season 11 is the fact that it’s been 11. That we’re going to have 11 years in the bank…To be able to grow and tell a story that expands over a decade, is something that very rarely is done in film and television.

“To have that many years under their belt, to be able to flesh out the story, flesh out the characters, and to bring new characters in and get rid of them, then maybe a few years down the line bring them back. So the recycling of actors and actresses that we’ve done in Vancouver has been pretty astonishing. Now we’re known as the show that if you haven’t worked on Supernatural…you probably should just turn in your resume. I would say that is the most impressive thing to me. That we’ve been able to tell the story that long.”

Watch Jensen’s full interview below:

If you want more Supernatural scoop, check out what Jared Padalecki and executive producer Andrew Dabb had to say at Comic-Con.

Supernatural returns to The CW October 7th.

Photo Credit: FanBolt/ Emma Loggins

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  1. How does this show possibly keep being renewed?? It’s so awful it’s laughable. And no one at all watches it. It barely breaks 3 million viewers a week! That guy who fakes that real deep voice who plays the shorter brother is the worst. Faking that deep voice for 10 years HAS to have left with with a sore throat.


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