There Will Probably Be a ‘Sharknado 4’

Syfy’s mockbuster series Sharknado debuted it’s third installment last night, and today we already have word that there will be a fourth ‘Nado headed our way.


The TV movie, which is exactly what it sounds like and follows survivors as they try to battle shark-infested tornados, ended with a huge cliffhanger that left Tara Reid’s character April’s life hanging in the balance. Now, Syfy wants fans to decide whether or not Tara will live to fight off a fourth sharknado, or if her time has come to an end.

Zap2It spoke with the man responsible for the social media decision, Syfy’s Senior Vice President of Programming Chris Regine, who explained why the decision to leave the fate of Tara’s character in the viewers’ hands. “I thought if we actually put the fate of a character, to keep people engaged for the entire off-season until potentially the next installment, “Sharknado 4″ … if we give them the power to make that decision. They won’t find out until we make another movie what the outcome is. I thought that was the best hook that I could think of that hopefully will become one of the most unforgettable cliffhangers on TV and I don’t think it’s something that’s ever been done on TV before.”

My question is this: what will they do when they run out of celebrities to have appear as cameos (because let’s be real, at this rate it’s a possibility).

Photo Credit: Syfy


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