The Plot Thickens in ‘The Royals’ Season 2 Promo

The Royals, E!’s first scripted series, debuted to a hugely successful first season this year and it looks like the drama will be amped up in the upcoming second season.

Production of the show’s second season began in June and today the network gave fans a first look at all the drama and fashion that they can look forward to.

The fashion is kicked up a notch, and the same goes for the snark. Princess Eleanor’s “Try not to let the horse fall on you,” is just a taste of the unevitable one liners we can look forward to when the show returns.

William Moseley tells fans that they can look out for a Prince Liam that’s hell-bent on revenge. “Liam’s driven to avenge his father’s death. Whatever it costs, no one is going to stand in his way.”

Alexandra Park’s Princess Eleanor is still up to her usual bad girl ways (and we love her for it!). In the promo, Park says this season “doesn’t slow down. The sex, drugs, scandal.”

Elizabeth Hurley adds, “Queen Helena does indeed do villainous things, and now Prince Cyrus has become the King of England.”

Jake Maskall warns that this season King Cyrus is no one to mess around with (as if him killing his brother didn’t already prove that to us). “I have the power. Which is great,” the actor says.

Watch the first promo for the second season of The Royals below:

Creator Mark Schwahn penned and will be directing episode 201 which will premiere in November on E!.

Photo Credit: E!


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