Do We Finally Know Which Morgan Is Coming to ‘Girl Meets World’?

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The Matthews’ loveable, smart-mouthed only girl is heading to Girl Meets World, answering one of the questions asked most by Boy Meets World fans: “Where’s Morgan?!”

Fans want to know and rightfully so! We’ve caught up with both Matthews brothers, Eric and Josh, but no mention of little sister/ Riley’s aunt Morgan have been made yet. When we attended ATX in June, creator Michael Jacobs mentioned that they did want to bring Morgan into the Girl Meets World fold, but had to figure out which one. BMW fans know that for the first 2 seasons, Morgan was played by the adorable Lily Nicksay, an from season three until the end of the series by Lindsay Ridgeway​.

If IMDB is to be believed, it looks like Jacobs chose Ridgeway as the winning Morgan, and she’ll be appearing in the season 2 finale of the Disney series. We don’t know the title of the episode or the air date as of yet, but we’ll keep you updated as we learn more info.

Want some more hints about returning characters and storylines to look forward to (like whose mother we’ll meet before season’s end that we’ve already met before)? Check out our Boy Meets Girl Meets World panel coverage from ATX and interviews with Sabrina Carpenter, Rowan Blanchard and Michael Jacobs.

Do you feel like they picked the best Morgan to return? What do you hope her storyline entails? Talk to us in the comments below!

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