Harry Potter Encylopedia Suspended

A planned HARRY POTTER encyclopedia has been delayed after the publisher was
sued by writer J.K. ROWLING.

The Harry Potter Lexicon volume, based on material from an internet fan site
of the same name, was due for publication later this month (Nov07).

But the book was hit with an embargo after Rowling filed a lawsuit against
the publishers last month (31Oct), which has seen a New York judge issuing an
order barring completion, distribution, marketing or advance sales of the book

Harry Potter Lexicon will not be published until a judge rules on whether it
violates Rowling’s intellectual property rights.

Roger Rapoport, the book’s publisher, has given a copy to lawyers at Warner
Brothers – who hold the Potter copyright – to determine whether the
encylopaedia is in violation of copyright.

He says, “I think they should drop it. I’m hopeful that they will.”

Rowling however insists she is disappointed by the situation: “On the
contrary, I feel massively disappointed that this matter had to come to court
at all. Given my past good relations with the Lexicon fan site, I can only feel
sad and disillusioned that this is where we have ended up.”



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  1. Lisa wrote: I see why JK Rowling is upset, I mean she did announce that she would be releasing a Harry Potter Encylopedia in the near future and then a site decides that they are going to publish their own volume. I mean some things may even be incorrect in their volume. J.K Rowling is after all THE Harry Potter writer and therefor she knows everything about the world she has created.

  2. *Twinkle* wrote: Yeah, I agree with Lisa. Plus I think she said all the proceeds from her book would go to charity, so..

    It’s just sad, because as she said, she’s always had a good relationship with the Lexicon.

  3. azuline wrote: But aren’t there already a ton of other HP info books out there? I’ve seen a few at the library. What makes this one so different?