Stephen Amell Teases ‘Arrow’ Season 4: Magic, Mysticism, and Olicity!

Stephen Amell sat down with press at San Diego Comic Con to talk about what the fans can expect to see in the upcoming season 4 of Arrow.

According to Amell, when the season opens, five months will have passed. Oliver and Felicity have been traveling and are now settling in a bit, but as he puts it, “I’m not going to spend five episodes in domestic bliss.” Something’s going to draw them back to Starling City and, Arrow being what it is, that something is most likely going to be “impending doom.”

Part of that impending doom is going to include the introduction of magic and mysticism (I mean, the Lazarus pit wasn’t exactly done with nanotech, right?). Because Arrow has to have a reason to keep the flashbacks, this magic is going to be something Oliver has seen before. Who, what, and where? Well, that’s anyone’s guess for now.

Check out the full interview below!

Arrow returns October 7th on the CW!


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