David Ramsey and Emily Bett Rickards Talk ‘Arrow’ Season 4

At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, the Arrow pressroom was buzzing with new developments for season 4!

Emily Bett Rickards let us know know that Felicity is going to be starting off in a better place than we saw her last season. Considering she has apparently been on a five-month road trip with Oliver, that seems to be an understatement. It looks like now the challenge is going to be finding out what our favorite couple’s relationship is like when they aren’t “dodging bullets” every night. Then again, Stephen Amell already let it slip (hyperlink other video) that they won’t be out of the game for long. Best of all? Mama Smoak’s definitely coming back to town!

David Ramsey had some hints to drop about what’s in store for Diggle, as well. First off, the man is finally getting a costume of his own (or at least a way to hide his face when they’re out in the field)! Ramsey also confirmed that we’re going to be seeing a lot of HIVE next year, as well as some serious developments between Lyla and ARGUS that Digg won’t necessarily be on board with.

And don’t worry about our favorite bromance, guys. Digg may still have some trust issues when it comes to Oliver, but they won’t be out in the cold forever. Check out the full interview below!

Arrow returns to the CW on October 7th!