I Need That Look! ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Episode 6.08: FrAmed


Last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars featured a traumatizing event for the girls and a few more leads in the mystery of Charles DiLaurentis.

All Aria wanted to do was win a scholarship that would get her the hell out of Rosewood, but we should have known A wouldn’t let that happen. During her gallery show, Aria’s photos were swapped out for some much more disturbing art…pics of she and the girls when they were drugged on the surgical tables.

Let’s take a break from those dark moments and get into the other aspect of the show we all love…the clothes! Here are our picks from each of the girls this week (minus Alison, who we love, but someone needs to tell the PLL wardrobe team that just because Sasha gained a little weight, doesn’t mean she can only be dressed like a 40 year old soccer mom…it sends a terrible message about weight and health to young girls)


Hanna definitely rocked one of my favorite looks of the episode. Her white romper paired with the black leather jacket gave us a great feminine rocker vibe. I’ve focused on a lot of jackets for the past few episodes, so let’s just take a moment to admire that romper. From the high neckline, to the unexpected cut-out back, this Topshop piece definitely left us lusting after it.


Hanna’s D-Ring High Neck Romper by Topshop is available here ($95).


Aria’s fun ballerina print dress was my other favorite look of the episode. Her night may not have ended as planned, but she definitely picked a look that stood out and represented her own uniqueness as a person.


Aria’s Sidecca Ballerina Print Cami Dress was available here, but is currently sold out.


Emily’s relaxed looks are usually our favorites. Her hole-y tee from this week was no exception. Not only was the color amazing on her, but we loved the element of toughness and grunge that the tee brought.


Emily’s IRO Clay Holey Tee is currently for sale here ($150).


Spencer’s floral printed dress brought us back to her preppy roots. Aside from the print, the dress is pretty conservative, with a longish hemline and long sleeves, and reminds us that while Hanna is all for showing some leg at the gallery, Spencer likes to keep her various assets on the low.


Spencer’s Gathered Seam Dress by Zara was on sale for the low price of $39.99, but is currently sold out.

Let us know which looks you loved from this week’s episode in the comments below!

Photo Credit: ABC Family


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