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Home Entertainment ‘The Strain’ Sneak Peek- Episode 2.04: The Silver Angel
‘The Strain’ Sneak Peek- Episode 2.04: The Silver Angel

‘The Strain’ Sneak Peek- Episode 2.04: The Silver Angel


Eph and Nora made significant strides in the formation of their vampire virus in last week’s episode of The Strain.

After successfully infecting one of their vampire subject with a nasty disease, Eph and Nora were preparing to set him free so that they could track whether or not they’d successfully concocted a transmissible vamp-killing disease.

We also learned that Setrakian’s exact age is 94, and that he maintains that youthful 75-year-old glow by dropping vampire goo into his eyeballs. Apparently as long as you don’t get the worms in you, the other stuff can actually be quite helpful in curing ailments and diseases.

Finally, was anyone else as surprised as I was that they killed off Vaun and the vigilante vampires so quickly? In Sunday’s new episode we’ll catch back up with Gus to see how he’s handling losing all of his strigoi homies.

Keep reading to see what else is ahead in the next episode of The Strain:

The Strain 2.04 ‘The Silver Angel’ Official Synopsis

Eph and Nora finally see their lethal virus in action. Fet takes the security of Red Hook into his own hands while Dutch and Setrakian set off for Staten Island to question Fitzwilliam, Palmer’s former body guard.

The Strain 2.04 ‘The Silver Angel’ Photo Gallery

The Strain continues Sundays at 10:00pm e/p only on FX.

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