Garner And Affleck’s Red Carpet Ban

Hollywood supercouple BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER GARNER have vowed never to
appear together on the red carpet – in a bid to battle back against the media.

Affleck suffered the full extent of the press’ glare while romancing Jennifer
Lopez – and he is determined not to let outside influences wreck his marriage
to Garner.

The Alias actress says, “We’ve worked really hard not to be one of those
couples who are constantly in the limelight. We refuse to walk down the red
carpet together: it’s a way of not condoning the attention.”



  1. *Twinkle* wrote: Hmm.. I can understand where they’re coming from. But it must be weird never being able to walk together at a premiere.

  2. LauzG wrote: You can hardly blame them, I mean after Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez#s failed relationship and the HUGE backlash it had, I’m sure Ben doesn’t want another one of those!

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