G-SYNC Creates a Superb Gaming Experience

It was just about a year ago that I first got to experience a demonstration representing NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology. It obviously was impressive to see and hear how it eliminates screen tearing to provide an incredibly smooth picture for the ultimate gaming experience. And now today I finally get to experience G-SYNC with all of my favorite games, allowing me to once again witness the superior smooth motion of gameplay without screen tearing.

I have the Acer Xb270HU which is a 27in, 1440p, 144 refresh rate monitor with G-SYNC technology, and it’s absolutely outstanding.

Having recently provided articles on both the GeForce GTX 980Ti and Titan X, I’ve been focusing a lot on trying to achieve 4K gaming. Of course, with most of those games that I tested at 4k, the more recent and demanding games would only get me around 30 to 45 frames per second. Of course, using 1440p instead gave me 60+ FPS on those games. Since starting my testing with G-SYNC on this 1440p monitor, it really made me question if I need 4k at the moment. That’s how amazing this monitor is with G-SYNC enabled.

4K is the ultimate visual experience, but it’s not necessarily the ultimate gaming experience for those who want high frame rates without losing out on quality while using just a single card. 1440p has been the sweet spot for achieving good frames in games with max settings. This Acer monitor provides an absolutely stunning picture at 1440p and it’s so silky smooth and crisp with addition of G-SYNC technology. Running my 980Ti with this monitor, achieving over 60+ FPS in demanding games and even higher frame rates in games that are less demanding make me feel as if I do have the ultimate gaming setup. That’s how much I’ve been enjoying this 1440p monitor with G-SYNC enabled.

It wasn’t long ago either that I got my hands on my first 144Hz monitor and thought that was impressive just for the better refresh rate. I thought it was pretty nice at the time, but it didn’t leave a lasting impression when I finally went back to my basic monitor. I didn’t feel the need to run out and get another 144Hz monitor. However with this monitor and with G-SYNC enabled, it provides such a great gaming experience that will easily leave its mark on gamers. There’s no going back after setting your sights on such fluidity, an experience with zero tearing and stuttering.

Players can actually tell the difference right away in their game when playing with G-SYNC enabled. Even when frame rates happen to run low, G-SYNC is noticeable as there is no stutter or reduction in quality in the picture. I had a few moments when playing Project CARS that the frames dipped into the low 40’s, and the visual output of the picture still felt far different than what I was experiencing on a regular monitor.

G-SYNC’s goal is to produce the picture instantly while providing sharper images and a smoother experience that takes out screen tearing and minimizes input lag. I feel this difference in my games. NVIDIA also advertises the experience on its website by saying if gamers want to be like the eSports pros by having the clearest, smoothest, and most responsive gaming experience possible, then G-SYNC is the way to go. I feel quicker and more on top of my game even though I’m not playing competitively. In a recent session of Crysis 3 I felt even more in control than ever before and it was just a grand experience. Everything just flowed together so well, and now I’m completely sold on G-SYNC.

So whether players are driving down a track, in the middle of a battlefield, or exploring an island, gameplay feels incredibly fresh with this monitor and with G-SYNC enabled. Crysis 3, Project CARS, Tomb Raider, and Remember Me are just a few of the games I tested out and became thrilled by once again because of this technology. Players really can see gaming differently.

Gameplay of Crysis 3 with G-SYNC enabled


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