Tom Cavanagh On ‘The Flash’ Season Two: ‘Out Of The Gate In A Flurry’

FanBolt and other members of the press were afforded the opportunity to talk with Tom Cavanagh of The Flash in order to get some ideas of what might be in store for our favorite villain next season.

First and foremost, in case it wasn’t obvious from the fact that Cavanagh was in the Flash pressroom at all, we’ll definitely be seeing Eobard Thawne again next season, despite that whole “might not have been born” thing that happened in the season finale. Whether or not we’ll be seeing the wheelchair again, well, that’s something that we’ll be finding out pretty early on in the season.

Cavanagh was cagey about whether or not there will be a time jump from the end of season one to the beginning of season two, but he did say that they’ll be coming out of the gate “with a flurry.” Sounds like we’ll be diving right into the action, whether it’s right where we left off or five months later, like on Arrow.

See the rest of the interview below!

The Flash returns to the CW on October 6th!


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