Barton To Swap Acting For Producer Role?

MISCHA BARTON wants to ditch acting and become a Hollywood producer – because
there are a lack of ‘good’ roles for women.

The former O.C. star respects other female actors who have become more
involved in behind-the-scenes production and hopes she will be able to follow
in their footsteps – like Drew Barrymore, who added producer to her resume with
her involvement in 1999’s Never Been Kissed.

Barton says, “Producing is something I might see as a necessity because great
female role are difficult to come by.

“I admire a lot of women like Drew Barrymore who produce themselves and put
together great projects.”



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  1. Alexa wrote: No Mischa don’t ditch acting! Oh this would make my sister so sad, she is her favorite actress. Mischa has too much talent to ditch her acting