I Need That Look! ‘Girl Meets World’ Episode 2.14: Girl Meets Yearbook


If you watched the most recent episode of Girl Meets World, you know that big changes are coming for our favorite group of friends.

Friday’s episode revolved around Riley, Farkle and the gang taking a look at how the world saw them, and deciding whether or not to change based on it. Thanks to some yearbook superlatives that they were less than happy with, (Riley as Most Likely to Smile Herself to Death; Farkle as Most Likely to Be Farkle; Lucas and Maya willing Best Couple) everyone but Lucas stepped into a different persona. Farkle became cool, Riley became Morotia, and even Maya had her fun trying Riley on for size…until she discovered something about her bff that even Riley herself hasn’t learned yet (and made Lucaya ‘shippers round the world pretty happy).

The episode was thought-provoking, and while we got to see our characters as other people, it was most fun seeing them as their real selves.


Riley’s pink tank was sweet and happy, which I guess falls inline with her happy-go-lucky image. We loved the fun,ruffled tiers on the shirt, as well as the frayed edges.


You can purchase Riley’s ‘Crinkle Breeze’ Ruffled Crop Camisole by Free People here ($24.00).


Maya looked super cute and girly in her red mini dress. The combo of lace detail and the vintage-y feel of it came together in one of our favorite Maya looks to date.


Maya’s Tu Es La Mini Dress by Free People is available here ($128.00).

See what’s ahead for the gang this week, when they have to conquer their first semi-formal, in Girl Meets World‘s next episode, “Girl Meets Semi-Formal”.

Photo Credit: Disney Channel


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