Spielberg Denies DreamWorks Split Claims

Hollywood director STEVEN SPIELBERG has slammed an American magazine for claiming he’s on the verge of leaving DreamWorks Studios.

U.S. magazine Radar reported on its website on Tuesday (11Dec07) that the filmmaker is unhappy with his film studio’s parent company – Viacom-owned corporation Paramount Pictures – and has plans to depart from the firm he helped found 13 years ago, citing sources within media conglomerate Viacom Inc.

But a spokesman for Spielberg, 60, insists the publication’s claims are unfounded, explaining, “Radar’s radar kind of bounced off an incorrect source.”

DreamWorks was purchased by Paramount in 2005 for $1.6 billion (#800 million) under the condition that Spielberg and partner David Geffen would stay on with Viacom until the end of 2008.



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