Butler Injures Swank, Shuts Down Movie

Scottish actor GERARD BUTLER’s clumsiness brought filming on the set of new film P.S. I LOVE YOU to a halt after injuring co-star HILARY SWANK.

The 300 star was joking around with braces (suspenders) in one quirky love scene when he lost his grip and sent Swank to hospital.

He says, “She had four stitches. It was maybe my worst day as an actor. I can laugh now because she laughs at it and quite enjoys telling people the story but, at the time, it was an accident.

“I’d been doing this scene for a day and a half, stripping and dancing and then pretending that the suspender hits me in the eye. It got stuck behind me and flew over my head and hit her in the head.

“Within five minutes she’d been taken to the hospital and the whole set goes, ‘That’s a wrap!’ and I’m sitting on the bed on my own. I have to say I bust my balls in that scene making a fool of myself and dancing around a bunch of guys.

At the end of that all the thanks I got was that I now scarred Hilary Swank and the production got shut down for five days.”



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