The Vatican Condemns The Golden Compass

Catholic Church officials at The Vatican have condemned NICOLE KIDMAN and
DANIEL CRAIG’s new family film THE GOLDEN COMPASS, stating the movie is

The religious leaders claim the movie, based on atheist author Philip
Pullman’s fantasy book Northern Lights, promotes a cold and hopeless world
without God.

In an article in The Vatican’s newspaper l’Osservatore Romano, Pullman is
also heavily criticized for writing the book.

Catholic leaders urged the faithful to boycott the movie when it was released
earlier this month (Dec07).

The Golden Compass director Chris Weitz stripped all references to the Church
from the movie, fearing he’d offend religious film fans. But it seems his
efforts weren’t enough.

In Pullman’s fantasy world, the Church’s governing body is linked to cruel
experiments on children.

In The Vatican newspaper editorial, the film is dubbed “the most
anti-Christmas film possible”. (KL/WNWCYA/GES)


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