Will ‘Boy Meets World’ Character Rachel Make ‘Girl Meets World’ Appearance?

Girl Meets World has had no shortage of Boy Meets World’s classic characters showing up and bringing intense feeling of nostalgia with them. We’ve seen characters from Mr. Feeny to Mr. Turner to Angela and so many more, but one character we still haven’t seen is Eric and Jack’s old roommate (and object of both guys’ affections) Rachel McGuire.

Maitland Ward (now Maitland Ward Baxter) played the leggy redhead that drove the guys wild and if we’re to believe any hints she’s been giving on Twitter, fans should be on the lookout for an appearance from the actress in Disney’s continuation of the series, Girl Meets World.

Ward’s character Rachel was mentioned in the show’s latest episode, “Girl Meets Semi-Formal”. Jack (Matthew Lawrence) was the latest BMW character to guest on the series and during a conversation between he and Eric, we find out that Jack and Rachel went off to the Peace Corps together, but when Jack came back to take a position at a powerful company, Rachel opted to stay in the Corps.

Check out some of Maitland’s cryptic tweets, first reported by BMWSequel.com, below:

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Photo Credit: Twitter


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