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Spider-man 3 Most Blundered Filled Movie Of 2007

Spider-man 3 Most Blundered Filled Movie Of 2007


SPIDER-MAN 3 has been named the most mistake-riddled movie of 2007 by British
film goers.

Fans have counted over 157 errors in the latest installment of the superhero
franchise, as compiled by U.K. website

The continuity mishaps included showing Cleveland, Ohio’s Terminal Tower in
view during Spider-Man’s fight with the Sandman – despite the scene being set
in New York.

But it’s not just the makers of Spider-Man 3 who are facing criticism – movie
bloopers in 2007 are at an all-time high with almost 1000 spotted so far, up on
last year’s (06) total.

Jon Sandys, of, says, “As movie budgets get ever-larger,
you’d think they would be able to find the cash to clear up the more blatant
errors, but there’s just no slow-down in the mistakes being made. Even
computer-animated films aren’t immune, which amazes me.”

The top ten mistake-filled movies, as voted by users are:

1 Spider-Man 3 (157 mistakes)
2 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (63 mistakes)
3 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (62 mistakes)
4 Live Free or Die Hard (41 mistakes)
5 Transformers (34 mistakes)
6 Norbit (30 mistakes)
7 The Simpsons Movie (30 mistakes)
8 High School Musical 2 (29 mistakes)
9 1408 (28 mistakes)
10 Hot Fuzz (19 mistakes)


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  1. alex.stef wrote: all the blockbusters of this year are in this top. I can’t believe; I didn’t noticed them when I watched these movies 😀


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