Spears In Talks To Make Movie Comeback

BRITNEY SPEARS is planning to get her career back on track with another foray
into acting – the singer is in talks to star in new movie MEMOIRS OF A

The troubled pop star’s last big screen outing was in 2002’s Crossroads, but
she is set to make a return after producers decided to approach Spears in
favor of their original choice, Lindsay Lohan.

Director Tommy Parker tells the New York Post’s gossip column, Page Six, “As
far as Britney’s concerned, we’re talking.”

Spears is currently in negotiations to take on the role of the girlfriend of
a misdiagnosed mentally-ill patient.



All I can say is “God, please no.”

Did you guys see Crossroads? I watched the first part of it at the theater when it came out while I was waiting on the movie I actually went to see to start. I couldn’t handle more than 5 minutes of it…. soooo bad.

If Britney wants to make a come back, I think she should definitely go for it, but she needs to stick to music. She can do if she just focuses and cleans up her act.


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