Mr. Branson’s Looking Pretty Guilty in New ‘Scream’ Clip


Scream‘s Mr. Branson may be the best-looking teacher at Lakewood High…but is he a killer too?

In the clip from Tuesday’s upcoming episode, Sheriff Hudson clearly takes Audrey and Noah’s claims seriously because we see him giving Mr. Branson (Bobby Campo) some pretty intense questioning about Will, his former student-lover’s death and his real name at the police station.

Fans may think that Branson is simply a red herring and not the Lakewood Killer, but Branson’s responses don’t seem to be those of one with a completely clear conscience.

Watch the short clip below:

Between the knife that was found in his classroom, his involvement with Brooke and his former involvement with another student that ended up dead, things really aren’t looking so hot for Mr. Branson (even if he still looks hot).

Speaking of Brooke, Scream fans should also be on the lookout for Carlson Young, who plays the sweet spoiled brat, to make an appearance in Grimm. Young was cast as Selina Golias, who is described by TVLine as “a character force to hide the survivor of an attack that resulted in her boyfriend’s death. As a result, Selina becomes the target of a Wesen “king” who doesn’t mind if she becomes collateral damage in a neverending Wesen feud.”

Catch Carlson and Bobby in new episodes of Scream, Tuesdays at 10pm on MTV.

Photo Credit: MTV

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