Details on November’s ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Release

I don’t know where you’re reading this from, but it’s a bit of a dreary, rainy day ’round my neck of the woods. While I’m VERY happy to not be at work or in class right now, I need something to spice things up.

Star Wars Battlefront

Well. Thank you, Internet. That’ll work perfectly.

Would some details about November’s hugest release make you feel better? I know they did for me.

For those of you that have been out of the loop this past year, EA DICE’s upcoming reboot of the beloved Battlefront series will hit stores on November 17, just over one month before Star Wars VII, The Force Awakens (December 18, 2015. 117 Days, 7 Hours, and 41 Minutes as of this writing. But who’s counting? I certainly don’t have a source for that).

I’ve taken the liberty, in my excitement, of perusing the game’s official website for you and sharing what gametypes have been revealed.

You’re welcome.

Single Player


The only single-player game detailed at the moment, as the game will not feature a campaign, is Survival. Similar to Halo’s Firefight, Survival will pit you, either alone or with a friend (on current-gen), against the full might of the Empire. The missions will supposedly vary by planet, but the mission featured in the trailer below, on what is presumably Tatooine, has you desperately battling for your life while your allies try to recover you.



As Battlefront will be multiplayer-focused, EA has released details about four gametypes so far.


Blast is, as the website puts it, a “classic team deathmatch with a Star Wars Battlefront twist”. Ten Rebels and ten Imperials will duke it out on a number of maps in a classic game of ‘destroy the enemy team’.

Walker Assault

Walker Assault is a 40-player gametype that forces (ahaha) the Rebels to scramble to the defense as Imperial walkers and troops pour across the snowy ground and TIE fighters split the sky. I could describe it, but this video should do it better.


Supremacy is an update to the classic Battlefront’s gameplay. 40 players will battle for control of five points on the map (*cough* command points). You will have the option to wage war on foot, in an array of land and air vehicles, or, like in some of the other gametypes, in the shoes of a hero or villain from the original trilogy. I assume the player who gets to wield a lightsaber or Boba Fett’s flamethrower will be selected based on game performance, like in Battlefront II. 

Personal comment: My only concern here is balance. Hopefully just because a team earns a hero, they won’t be able to steamroll the enemy like the heroes and villains of the good-old days could. I also worry a little bit about ‘powerups’. If you watch the “Walker Assault’ video above, you’ll notice that at one point, the rebel player gets a “rocket launcher powerup’. In a game like Walker Assault, that seems fine. In a balanced, team deathmatch-type team game, though, it could cause issues. I don’t want Battlefront to turn too much into Battlefield.

Fighter Squadron

I’ve saved this for last. Why? Well, because I want to type in all caps how excited I am for it. Of course, that wouldn’t be professional, though. While it not take place in space (sadly), Fighter Squadron will take to the sky in the iconic vehicles of the Star Wars franchise. X-Wings and TIE fighters will spiral around each other, the Falcon will blast through the sky, and Boba’s Slave I will stalk you mercilessly. Just as on the ground, players will be able to switch easily between first and third-person points-of-view. Although I can’t see myself ever wanting to leave the cockpit. But that’s personal, geeky preference. Not a lifelong dream or anything. Again, here’s EA’s video.

That’s all I have for right now. Hopefully EA and DICE will give us more information soon. Both the Missions and Multiplayer pages on the website state that the game will feature several more modes in each style. As November inches closer, we’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned!


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