I Need That Look! ‘Girl Meets World’ – Episode 2. 18: Girl Meets Creativity


Maya took a stand to save the arts in the most recent episode of Girl Meets World, “Girl Meets Creativity.”

The girls’ school came dangerously close to cutting the arts programs from the curriculum in Friday’s episode, but thanks to Maya choosing to care about them, she and her friends rallied together to prove the importance of honoring creativity as much as academics.

Riley and Maya wore a lot of cute looks throughout the episode, but below are the two that stood out to us:

Riley Matthews

Riley took a backseat in the creativity fight in order to let Maya learn a lesson about herself. When the two went to talk to Mr. Turner (now known as Superintendent Turner or Uncle Jon) Riley sported a super cute chambray jumpsuit. We loved the sweetheart neckline and the retro feel that the flared legs give.


Riley’s Sharlene Halter Jumpsuit was avaialble here (and on sale for $9.95!) but is currently sold out.

Maya Hart

Maya gathered her friends to help her save the arts in their school, and in order to plead their cases, they had to stand in front of the school board. All eyes were on Ms. Hart when she floated into the room wearing a beautiful flowy chiffon maxi with floral print.


Maya’s gorgeous Winter Garden Maxi by Free People is available here ($168.00), but is sold out in red.

Girl Meets World returns to Disney with a new episode, Girl Meets Normal, on September 11 at 8pm.

What looks did you love from Friday’s episode? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Disney


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