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Home Entertainment ‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Faces Darkness in New Season 6 Promo
‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Faces Darkness in New Season 6 Promo

‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Faces Darkness in New Season 6 Promo


Rick and his group have been through the ringer, and in the new promo for The Walking Dead, all face their own personal darknesses and come out on the other side.

A new promo for The Walking Dead aired Sunday night during a Fear The Walking Dead commercial break. In it, the cast is pictured coming out of the shadows, as the shots slowly get closer and closer to their faces. The final shot, pictured above, is of Rick, looking as serious as ever as we hear him say in the background “Making it now…do you really think you can do that without getting blood on your hands?”.

Watch the new promo below:

Season six has a huge chance of being the bleakest one yet, but creator Robert Kirkman explains it’s so much more than that. “People talk about how The Walking Dead is bleak, and if you take a certain cross-section of the story, then yeah. Horrible,” Kirkman told Marc Maron during a podcast interview. “People have their loved ones eaten and they have a horrible time. But I see the story from beginning to end, over many many years about humanity overcoming this insurmountable apocalyptic situation.”

See how Rick, Michonne, Glenn and everyone else continues to overcome when The Walking Dead returns to AMC Sunday, Oct. 11.

Photo Credit: Youtube/AMC

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