Upcoming ‘The Walking Dead’ Featurette Puts Zombies on a Plane

AMC is planning on expanding its Walking Dead universe to include the skies in an upcoming standalone featurette.

The network let the cat out of the bag (or zombie onto the plane) today, telling Entertainment Weekly of their creative new way to keep viewers coming back for more.

The new stand-alone featurette will serve as an interesting look into how people in the skies reacted to the beginnings of the apocalypse, as well as introducing a new Fear character to audiences.

Read details of the network’s plan, via EW:

EW has exclusively learned AMC is producing a half-hour special that will tell a stand-alone story following a group of passengers facing a walker attack on an airline while in flight. One character who survives that encounter will then join the cast of Fear the Walking Dead in season 2. So, yes: Zombies on a Plane.

The site continues:

“The airline attack story will debut online, and will unfold this in chapters that will air during Walking Dead’s on-air telecasts. In other words: You’re watching The Walking Dead, AMC cuts to commercial break, then you get a chapter in the as-yet-untitled stand-alone airline attack drama.”

New episodes of Fear The Walking Dead air Sundays at 9pm on AMC.

Let us know what you think about the Zombies on a Plane featurette in the comments below!

Photo Credit: AMC


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