Atonement Director Shocked By Big Hollywood Budget

ATONEMENT director JOE WRIGHT is stunned he has been given so much money to
take charge of JAMIE FOXX’s new film THE SOLOIST.

The Brit reveals the budget on his first Hollywood studio film is almost
double the $30 million (#15 million) period drama Atonement cost to make in

And Wright admits he’s struggling to come to terms with Hollywood politics
and the big bucks.

He explains, “When I work in England you feel a little bit like a secret
agent… Not many people are making films there, you feel a little bit special
sometimes, you feel like you can break the rules, you don’t have the very
strict union control, there’s no craft services (food tables) and there’s no
trailers. It’s heaven.

“We made our film for $30 million, which felt like a lot of money. The film
I’m making out here at the moment is almost double the cost… and I’m really



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