‘Awkward’ Showrunner Teases Jenna/Matty-Centric Season

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Things are about to get more Awkward than ever in tonight’s season five premiere of the hit MTV series.

With senior year coming to an end, lots of feelings will begin to bubble over while people try and figure out what the future holds for them. At least two of those people, Jenna and Matty, will also try an figure out whether or not they are in each others futures.

“Season 5A is going to end with high school graduation, and we really have the time to tell the stories about all these seminal senior year moments like prom, like graduation, like grad night and also capture that feeling of being on the threshold of adulthood, leaving home, going to college,” showrunner Mike Chessler told E! News during a recent interview. “We’re going to raise the stakes of all the stories on this show, especially Matty [Beau Mirchoff] and Jenna [Ashley Rickards], as senior year comes to a close.”

“We’re going to re-open the book on Matty and Jenna, follow their ups and downs, and see if they can even be in a relationship with each other. Does love conquer all? Are they better off just being friends? What works for them?” added showrunner Chris Alberghini.

See how things pick up during the Awkward season 6 premiere, tonight at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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