‘Scream’ Boss Discusses the Future of the Series

Last night’s Scream finale unmasked the killer and shocked fans with an entirely new revelation, but not before more lives were lost in the process.


At the end of the series’ first finale, Piper Shay (Amelia Rose Blaire) was unmasked as the face behind the Brandon James mask. As the love child of Daisy/Maggie(Tracy Middendorf) and Brandon James, she was hell-bent on getting revenge on her mother and half-sister, Emma (Willa Fitzgerald), for giving her up and moving on with their lives without her, and living the life she never had, respectively.

Before the end of the episode, Sheriff Hudson (Jason Wiles) lost his life, leaving Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) an orphan, and at the very end of the episode, audiences were shocked to learn that Audrey was Piper’s helper all along. How’s that for laying some serious season two groundwork?

One of the minds behind the series, co-showrunner Jill Blotevogel, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about Audrey’s fate moving forward, what fans can look forward to in the next season and why Piper made the perfect villain.

On why they chose to make Piper the killer

“One of the things we liked about making Piper the killer, her character was very much influenced by Sarah Koenig from Serial. The idea of someone telling the story so passionately from a completely objective point of view is something that was so fun to think about if that person was manipulating everything. They say they’re the perfect objective observer and yet they have a story they want to tell. It’s the perfect self-promotion while saying this has nothing to do with me…”

On Audrey’s fate during season 2

“There are elements to creating that heroic anti-hero that worked so beautifully in Hannibal and other shows out there that I think, because we love Audrey, we’re dying to see what’s going to happen to her in season two. Everyone thought she was off the table after that episode where she was a suspect, and then Emma helped free her and prove her “innocence.” So maybe if Emma hadn’t stepped forward, maybe Will would still be alive. The truth is going to trickle down to all the characters and they’ll realize maybe things could have gone differently and we’ll see their emotional repercussions as well. I’m really excited to see that trickle-down effect. We’re going to see the real aftermath of something like this.”

On Scream focus during season 2

“Moving forward, they can find a new case in the main characters’ lives. I don’t think we’re going to leave Lakewood High. We’ll probably pick up not too long after the finale of season one. What’s great is we have these characters we’ve established, the audience has come to care about, and they’re still alive. We can return to them and guide back into their lives and relationships. All these relationships have been rocked. I think giving them time to adjust and come back to see where they all are is going to be an incredible opportunity as well as a new mystery that will of course crop up.”

You can read more of what Blotevogel revealed over at THR.

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