Sex And The City Movie Was Planned All Along

The cast of SEX AND THE CITY had all signed contracts to appear in the movie version before the hit show had even finished its TV run.

Kristen Davis, who will revive her role as Charlotte York in the big screen version of the program, admits the film was given the go ahead before they knew the series was coming to an end – but was delayed due to problems with the script.

It had been rumored the delay in taking the show to the silver screen was down to a rift between the four lead actresses – Sarah Jessica Parker, Kirsten Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall – and arguments over money.

But Davis insists the cast had always intended to make the movie – they just had to wait for the show’s producer, Michael Patrick King, to have a second script approved.

She says, “We had a contract to do the film even before the show ended and we were all so sad when it didn’t happen. Now Michael has written another script.
He wants Sex and the City to be now, so it is very much set in 2008 – three years later in their lives.”



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