Mortensen Rules Out Crossing Oscar Picket Line

Oscar nominee VIGGO MORTENSEN will refuse to cross picket lines to attend the Academy Awards, if striking writers protest at next month’s (Feb08) Oscars.

Mortensen, who on Tuesday (22Jan08) received a Best Actor nomination for his performance in Eastern Promises, desperately wants to attend Hollywood’s premier awards show on 24 February, but not if Writers Guild Of America members are still on strike.

He says, “If there’s a strike I will not go, but I have a feeling they’ll solve it. I hope they do. I’m sure my mom would like to see me on TV.”



Man, I hope my man is right. *sighs* Have I mentioned how amazing Viggo is lately? Because he is. He’s not just easy on the eyes…. but he’s an incredible actor, amazing artist, and a even a poet to boot. He’s the definition of perfect in my book.

In all seriousness though, I hope the strike comes to an end soon…. I’m going crazy without my shows!